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Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear

Spring is THE season to spot bears in the Rockies. Here are some advises:

Prepare – carry bear spray & know how to handle an encounter
Be aware - look ahead & watch for tracks, droppings, and diggings
Let bears know you’re there - travel in a group & make noise

Find out where the bears have recently been spotted on Park Canada website.



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On March 18th 2014, the first grizzly bear of the season has been spotted in Banff National Park. Officials said it is a bit early for the season but in any case, be bear aware if you are planning to go to backcountry.

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Did you know? The King Edward Hotel is the second oldest hotel in Banff. It was built by “one of the most notable figures of Banff […] Norman Luxton, who was known as “Mr. Banff” […] ” in 1904.


King Edward Hotel King Edward Hotel Banff 1910-1920 DSC05038bis
 King Edward Hotel Banff [between 1903 and 1942] - Byron Harmon fonds Byron Harmon (Banff, Alberta)  King Edward Hotel Banff [ca.1940] - Byron Harmon fonds Byron Harmon (Banff, Alberta)  The Village Banff Banff Fire Hall, Brewster Hall, Mount Royal Hotel (left); King Edward Hotel (right) Looking south on Banff Avenue [ca. 1920- ca. 1930] -  George Noble fonds
 Banff Winter Carnival Parade on corner of Caribou Street and Banff Avenue by Dominion Cafe and King Edward Hotel [ca.1920-ca.1940] - George Noble fonds  Banff buildings King Edward Hotel [ca.1935] - George Noble fonds Banff Buildings Pertains to Administration Building, Banff; Banff Avenue; Banff Cafe; Banff National Park - Entrance; Banff Springs Hotel; Brett Hospital; Brewster's Garage; Browne, Belmore; Cascades of Time; Dwellings; Homestead Hotel; Homestead Restaurant; King Edward Hotel; McLeod, James I.; Meat markets; Mount Royal Hotel; Noble, George (Photographer); Post Office, Banff; The Sanitarium; Upper Hot Springs - George Noble fonds


Find out more about historical sites here in the Banff’s History Guided Walking Tour.

3rd Annual Snow Days, festival that celebrates Banff’s historic love for winter. And this year, the Molson Canadian Block Party took place on Banff Ave, in front of the hotel, to support Canada’s Olympic talented athletes and wishing them success in Sochi 2014.



Snow_Days_Banff_Go_Canada Snow_Days_Banff_Cascade

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Fireworks seen from the hotel on January 1st 2014